Brief Introduction

This website was built in October in 2005. The original motivation to build up this site is for my buddy, Jack. Back then, we often got together to study and discuss all the problems we had in class. Since it was not always convenient for me to go to his place to help with his homework, I decided to set up the site to put my new ideas and handscripts and even something special to share with him.

From then on, Figugle this website has been re-invented for so many times. And we have added some new features each time we modified. In the 'Academy,' several academic materials are given. In the 'Family,' our branch websites, VSLAB, EE97A, and SMS, are given. In the ' Library,' my own book registration system and book system are presented.

Actually, up to now, I know that this site is mainly made for fun to me. I know that people seldom come here. But that is my interest. Even if there is nearly zero person coming this site, I will still update it. Sad? Of course! But I've already given in to this situation.

Service, Privacy, Copyrights

  1. This is a personal site administrated by Guilty. This site features academic sharing, diarys, entertainment, and so on.
  2. Everyone can sign up as a member of this site at the Academy page. Once signning up, you can download whatever in the member area.
  3. Also, as a member, you can change the style of the page. Once you change the style, the whole website will be in the style you made.
  4. If you have any questions please email us, we will answer them ASAP.
  5. As a member, we won't divulge your personal information publicly.
  6. We will stop a member's rights if he or she does something illegally. In addition, we might sue him or her if it is neccessary.
  7. Everything in this site is not allowed to be copied, spread, and replicated unless you are given the right.
  8. Some flashes in the Figugle Collections are distributed from


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